Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mac lipsticks

I don't use make up but I'm so into lipsticks! Especially Mac's.
I'd love to wear lipstick to everywhere I go. It's simple and fast and it makes you look so much more fashionable. Although Mac's lipsticks aren't the cheapest but the texture of them are really good. I hate it when lipsticks make my lips dry.

this is my very first lipstick from M.A.C

it is called Lady Danger
It sometimes look orange but it's a red color

i like it so much because it's a matt texture and it makes my skin looks so perfect after putting it on i don't know why
the second one i brought from M.A.C is called 'Girls about town'


i just can't stop buying it so here's the third one. I was looking for a nude color and i found one called 'faux'

Another brand I'd love to present is 'Too cool for school'. It's a brand from Korea. The store is cool the name is cool. Plus it is cheaper than M.A.C.

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mario said...

Nice picture keep recording the best moment of life