Sunday, April 14, 2013

america's next top model

I grew up watching America's Next Top model. And I've never ever give up this dream. Ever. I always tell myself maybe one day I'm the cover girl. But until I'm 18 years old. I knew I've stop growing. And I'm like 5'3. Sadly. But who knows! Maybe one day my dream can come true. I will never stop staring at myself in the mirror and practicing how to pose. I don't think I'll give up this unreachable dream. I am that kind of girl who never would give up. Especially on something I've been dying to want so badly.

Tyra is always my idol and I love her so much


Anonymous said...

How say it Justin Bieber: BELİEVE İN YOR DREAMS :)

Rebecca Chung said...

Yeah xx